Our Vision

Our Vision Statement is:
“Antioch, Church alive for our Neighbour, Our Nation and the Nations”

Church  Alive…

We aim to live out of the 2 great commandments in Mark 12 :30-31 Jesus said ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” The second is this :’Love your neighbour as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these. Our passion for His presence and the poor reflect something of these commandments. In it all we recognise we are on a journey and that we have not yet arrived.


Like the original Antioch Church in Acts 11 and 13 we believe that Antioch is called by Jesus to be an Apostolic centre. The original Antioch was a church started by ordinary people, the place where Christians first got the name Christians. We are ordinary people who want to make a difference because of Jesus. In  Acts 11:21 it says, ”the Lords hand was with them and a great number of people believed and turned to the Lord.” We also long to see great numbers of people turn to Him. It was a place of team ministry, care for the poor,  prayer, the prophetic and a heart for mission and releasing people into their calling.

Church alive for our Neighbour…

Church in the Community for the Community.

•    We are called to be a people of his presence with a passion for the lost. This is developed within the 12’s  which form the heartbeat of us as living Church, a  dwelling place of His presence. The 12’s are places of friendship,  and fun. A place to pray ,to be encouraged  and equipped to become the  fullness of who He ever      intended us to be. A place to  grapple with God’s word and his teaching. An     environment where others can also come to relationship in Him. We have a real focus on young people and children and to healthy relationship across the  generations.

•    We are called to encourage each believer in the Church to exercise faith that they make a difference wherever God has placed them .Each one carrying the Kingdom into every situation with a mandate to “fill up creation” in all spheres e.g. – home, family, marriage, work, education, business, media, politics, the arts.

•    We are called to community transformation –to seek to engage with our local community at its many points of need, particularly youth and children, drug and alcohol addiction, unemployment. In all of this we seek through the various ministries and projects based in the centre and beyond to create channels of relationship along which His revival power and transformation can flow.

•    We are called to be a radical resource centre. Care for the whole person and  care for the community reflects the churches of early Celtic monasticism which were places of worship, of healing, of learning, hospitality, employment, care for the poor, centres of creativity and mission – This is a journey we have realised that we are on and that is very relevant to the century we live in.

Church Alive for our Nation…

We want to play our part in seeing –

•    Wales – a nation transformed and in some small way serving to see transformation amongst other nations, receiving from  and sending to the nations.

•    We see that revival could result in not just an enlivened church but the transformation of an entire nation – as individuals and communities are changed.

We want to play our part in –

Raising a new net for a new harvest.

A new harvest amongst the “least, the last, and the lost”-the poor ,the broken the young and the forgotten ,the 97% of the population not yet within the kingdom of in Wales. It means the establishing of 12’s, congregations and communities and building up teams who can make this a reality locally, regionally and nationally – a new net for a new harvest.

We want to play our part in seeing-

•    Wales- a House of Prayer for the Nations.

Can what is possible for a Church or even a group of churches be possible for a nation ?

Church Alive for the Nations

We want to play our part in seeing-

•    Wales as an apostolic Nation, releasing apostolic teams for this nation and the nations,  revival flowing to the nations ,a radical movement to the poor with influence at the global gates.

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  1. Good afternoon.
    my name is Dave and i’m a researcher working for Bangor University. I’m looking at the growth of food banks throughout Wales and have been told that you also run an independent food bank.

    would this be so?, if so, could you tell me when did you set-up as a food bank?
    Kindest Regards

    Dave Beck

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Church alive for our community, the nation and the nations