Here’s some resources for you to take a look at from people in the Antioch Community.

The Kingfisher Flame by Karen Lowe

At a time when human trafficking and economic slavery are increasingly making the news headlines a local author, Karen Lowe, has published her first novel ‘The Kingfisher Flame’.

It is the story of Ruth, her search for a lost sister and the uncovering of the shocking realities that exist behind the closed doors in many minds and homes in the UK and beyond. The novel explores themes of spirituality and carries a message of hope for those trapped in the trauma of the past or present day slavery.

Click on the book cover to visit Amazon and see Karen’s book.


Ladders, Rocks and Lightning SwordsAndy Smith

Here’s an album with songs written at Antioch, featuring songs by resident worship leaders Ann & Tim O’Hare. Click the link to preview the album on iTunes.




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