Where to stay

See the links below for information about where to stay in and around Llanelli:


B&Bs in and around Llanelli

More B&B information

Hotels and Travel Lodges:

Premier Inn East 7 mins drive

Premier Inn Central West 3 mins drive

Travelodge Central 5 mins drive

Hotels in and around Llanelli

Camping in and around Llanelli:

The Gateway Caravan Park, 10 min drive from Antioch

Pembrey Country Park Caravan Club Site… 20 min drive from Antioch

Gowerton Caravan Club Site, near Swansea Gower… 15 mins drive from Antioch

LLwynifan Farm, Llangenech… 15 mins drive from Antioch

Caemawr Farm Caravaning… 7 min drive from Antioch (we love this site)

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