Meet The Team at Antioch


Ben & Beth Taylor

Beth and Ben have been senior leaders at Antioch Church for more than 5 years. They both have a heart to encourage people into relationship and encounter with Jesus.

They strive to create an environment where you are safe to fail and free to succeed. Gods’ presence, community and community transformation is at their heart.

Mark Lowe

Mark has been part of the leadership team at Antioch for 30 years. He has a father's heart, a gift of teaching and loves leading worship.


Stuart Watkins

Stuart has been part of the leadership team at Antioch for 30 years. He has a heart for people to know and live in God’s presence in their everyday life. That people would discover who they truly are as sons and daughters of God.

Stuart has a love for the prophetic and runs teaching and training events and days. He has a strong connection with a number of churches in Romania.

Stuart is an avid Man Utd supporter, loves telling bad jokes and along with his family has a wonderful dog called Benji.

Allison Hine

Allison is a retired nurse with a heart for vulnerable women and works with Charis. She heads up the Prayer and Healing Rooms at Antioch. She likes to work with people to facilitate them knowing Jesus and reaching their potential.

She likes to spend time with her daughters and grandchildren and loves to sew, read and garden.


Hannah Evans

Hannah has been a member of Antioch since she was 15 and joined the leadership team after returning from her 2 years at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.

Hannah has always had a love for theatre and her country, Wales. She has a heart for her nation to be transformed and has a high value for the revival roots that are connected to Wales.