Food Bank


Established in December 2011, Lifeshare Foodbank has been at the heart of the Glan Y Mor area of Llanelli. Lifeshare is an independent Foodbank, part of Antioch church’s community expression.

We have a heart for the least and the lost and long to see an end to poverty. Lifeshare Foodbank works on a voucher referral basis, working with a number of key community organisations to ensure we are helping those in need.

We support those that are financially struggling. We operate a 3 vouchers a year scheme but are flexible on this when appropriate. We understand that those that are accessing Foodbanks often find it challenging to access them.

We aim to achieve 3 things at the Foodbank:

1. A friendly, non-judgemental and safe environment that is accessible to all who meet the criteria.

2. Help with essential food, clothes and any other items that may have been donated that can help.

3. Signpost and help to address the underlying issues as to why someone may have had to access a Foodbank (if required).

If you need to access our Foodbank, we are open Tuesday and Thursday. If you need help in accessing a voucher, would like to be partner or for more queries, please contact 01554 741674 or email

If you would like to donate to the Foodbank, you can do so through the following methods:

1. Drop off donations to Antioch Centre, Copperworks Road Llanelli SA15 2NE

2. We have a donation trolley based at ASDA Llanelli

3. You can make a one off Cash donation or a monthly payment to sustain the Foodbank

4. You can donate via an organisation called Bankuet. Click here to be directed to our donation page

How to find us ...

find us ...

Antioch Centre

Copperworks Road, Llanelli, SA15 2NE

01554 741674